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A post frame metal building is the right choice for most residential, light commercial and agriculture uses. There are many advantages to choosing this construction method over a metal building. Fast construction times reduce labor costs and our buildings hold their value just like other forms of construction.

Design Flexibility

It is much easier and less expensive to get higher-pitched roofs, interesting roof lines, overhangs, dormers and other architectural features using Post Frame constructed buildings than steel-frame. Strong and long lasting, these buildings are adaptable for many different uses. Owners can easily change the use as their needs grow. The wood framing makes it simple to frame out then add dry wall, shelves, and creature comforts.

Energy Efficiency

Post frame metal building are easier to insulate and don?t suffer from the extreme thermal bridging of steel-frame buildings.


Lumber is nearly always less expensive than manufactured steel beams, sometimes substantially so. The lower material costs in a post frame building translate into savings for you. This savings leads to a faster ROI on your investment.


  • Engineered laminated posts with a 60-year warranty
  • Heavy 28-gage G90 galvanized panel with a 40-year warranty
  • 4? on center trusses designed for interior ceiling
  • Large H-10 truss anchors
  • 2×6 wall girts built 24? on center
  • Staggered joints on walls and ceiling for addend strength
  • Galvanized nails for entire building
  • Wrapped windows
  • Man door jamb wrap (Optional)
  • Foam insulation packages (Optional)
  • Interior finish packages (Optional)

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